Introducing...The Colorado CJIS Hot Topics Blog

The CJIS security policy can be difficult water to navigate. The policy is written to be applicable to multiple situations and technologies without constraining criminal justice agencies to a single product or provider. Because of that, there are areas of the policy where guidance is often requested. 

The CBI created this blog as a tool to help Colorado law enforcement agencies (or more specifically their IT staff) in getting their agencies fully CJIS compliant. Using this tool, we plan to focus on areas of the policy that are topics of many questions and provide our CJIS community with the information they need to apply the policy successfully and protect all of our information to the greatest possible extent.

Protecting criminal justice information is a community effort, it is my hope that using this blog as a tool we can improve our understanding and application of the CJIS security to protect our sensitive information statewide.


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